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When I first started looking for a daycare for my son it was one of the most stressful times of my life. I spent hours and hours researching online, reading books, talking to people, but I still felt so anxious. How do you leave your young child with a complete stranger? Can you trust someone that you don’t know at all to take care of your baby? This is when I started my quest and decided to check in person all the places that had good reviews online and good reputation among the moms in the area. I visited 7 daycares, talked to random parents dropping off or picking up their children, and interviewed the daycare directors and teachers. I came up with a list of a few must-have-things that the daycare needed to offer: – Good-hearted, professional staff; – Small groups where my toddler will be able to get individual attention; – Age appropriate, but yet stimulating curriculum; – to be close to our home; – Flexible schedule (you will be surprised how many daycares close at noon!); – Reasonable prices; – Childcare availability during the time school is closed; – Clean interior with thought-provoking interesting toys (you would think this is given – but NO!); – Nice outside area and daily outside playtime; – Helping children with eating and bathroom skills (you will be surprised how many daycares don’t offer help during lunch and snack time, and don’t make sure that your child has a clean butt!) – And of course seeing happy kids, having fun! Finally, I found a little oasis in a small street in Culver City that offered all the above. Ms. Any, Ms. Daisy, and Ms. Maria are angles! Genuinely sweet, good-hearted ladies who treat all the children like their own. My son loves them! The groups are small and the kids are great! They have a cute outside area where the kids play at least twice a day. I receive a little “school work” that my son has done at school each day or an art project. He knows so many songs and I can tell he is improving his social, verbal, and math skills daily, all in the form of play and fun. The daycare principal Ms Virginia is attuned to the individual needs of each child and family and she has been very supportive and caring during the times my son was going through periods of adjustments due to family issues and health problems. It has been 1 1/2 since my son has been attending the school and I cannot stretch enough how important it is for me as a parent to know that my child is in safe and loving environment while I am at work. I highly recommend this Montessori School!
— Katia D.
As a working parent of a 3.5 and 1 year old, it didn’t take long to realize that after family, the people who I trust to take care of my kids are the most important in my and my kids’ lives. The director and teachers at the Montessori Preschool have become these people for us. My older daughter has been attending the Montessori Preschool since she was 2. Since I didn’t have much time to research schools, I trusted the recommendation of a good friend who after visiting many schools in the area (at least 8-10) concluded that this school is the best choice of all and so we both enrolled our kids there. And I am so glad that I did. My daughter started making rapid progress in all areas in her development (especially her language, and her ability to express herself). In the school they introduce them to letters, numbers, arts and music. In the months that followed I would often find myself surprised with her knowledge and the things that she was learning to do and say. Ms Virginia (the director of the school), Ms Annie, Ms Maria and Ms Sima have been nothing short of amazing in caring for and educating my daughter. She is very fond of all of them and talks about them a lot. Last but not least, I have been benefiting myself from simply observing how the teachers talk to the kids and resolve disagreements among the kids. In addition, both Ms Virginia and Ms Annie on separate occasions have given me some really sound advice relating to issues with our child that extend beyond the classroom. Being able to discuss with them some of the challenges I face as a parent and get support, reassurance and advice is invaluable.
— Iva B.
I absolutely love this school and am so happy that I found it. My daughter is 3 and has been attending Montessori Preschool for almost a year now. She is so happy and is learning so much. All the teachers are wonderful and welcoming. They are open and understanding when I have tons of questions. Montessori Preschool is such a wonderful, nurturing place and I trust that my daughter is well taken care of.
— Roe D.
Looking for a preschool/daycare is stressful for lots of reasons, but mainly because you need to know that you can trust the people you are going to leave your kid with for up to 10 hours. Montessori Preschool is a good school with good people. My daughter is just wrapping up her second and last year, and it has been a lovely experience! The school is clean, safe, fairly priced, and the social skill building and curriculum are highly effective. Thanks to Ms. Virginia and her staff of wonderful teachers my daughter is definitely ready for Kindergarten!
— Lila C.
Our experience with Montessori Preschool has been outstanding. Our two daughters now aged three and five have been attending since they were two and three respectively. Both girls have grown as people and students through their time at the school. Miss Virginia and her staff of talented helpers and educators have been very attentive to the specific academic needs of our daughters, and have carefully observed the areas where they succeed and areas where more support is needed. Beyond academics the social environment at montessori Preschool is fantastic. Miss Virginia, Miss Annie, Miss Daisy, Miss Maria and Miss Sima make every child feel special and welcome. We have been impressed over and over with the care and tenderness that each of these educators puts into their interactions with our kids. Finally we have really enjoyed the varied backgrounds of kids and parents who attend the school. The student group features a wide range of languages and heritages that make the experience all the richer for our daughters and friends. We would recommend Montessori Preschool to any parent who’s looking for a safe and loving place for their kids to learn and grow.
— D. Seeley
My 5 year old son has been attending this school since he was 2. The Director (Ms.Virgina) is a knowledgeable caring woman who is involved in all aspects of the school. She keeps meticulous records on each child’s progress and problem areas if any, and she always keeps the parents up to date. She is open to input and easy to communicate with. She is prompt at returning phone calls. Ms.Anna always let me know things like how Saaketh’s day’s been, if he played with other kids, and what his favorite habits and toys are. This comforts me that staff is very attentive. Sometimes after our dinner my son tells me what he did at school, I feel so good when he shares me new things that he learns at school. Just few days back he explained me the life cycle of butterfly, life cycle of a Frog and how and why it rains. He tells me about planets etc. They have well balanced curriculum, In the morning they have work to do(like writing numbers, additions, Subtraction, letters and reading) and in the afternoon they have creative sessions like Arts & Crafts. They have a holiday calendar that is more favorable for working parents. Most preschools have a school holiday calendar where there’s time off for spring break, summer break and no day care is provided. This puts additional burden on working parents because we have to take time off or find alternate child care for our children. Here day care is provided with very minimum charges during summer/spring breaks. My child loves this school. We are very happy and recommend it.
— S. Reddy
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